All posters

All posters and their teasers will be accessible throughout the conference in our virtual environment.  The virtual environment we have created consists of two islands: one called FROMAGE, one called DESSERT.

Posters will be accessible in the poster rooms located inside the conference centre in each of the islands. Poster rooms 1-4 are located on FROMAGE island, poster rooms 5-9 on DESSERT island.

Each day, immediately after the keynote speeches, there will be a poster session where 1/4 of the poster presenters will be expected to be by their poster so that attendees can interact with them. In addition, poster presenters are encouraged to invite their favourite scientist(s) to come to visit their poster at a time of their mutual convenience.

You may download the following files:

       Updated poster list for Wednesday June 16th: Here

See below the list of the 9 poster rooms: