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Useful information – EEID 2021

Thank you for registering to the EEID 2021 virtual meeting.  The meeting will take place in a virtual environment called Click here to download the conference booklet containing all essential information to participate in the conference (instructions to virtual environment, programme, list of keynotes and posters, abstracts & full participant list).

Poster sessions and teasers:

The poster sessions will take place each day, after the talks of the 2 keynote speakers.

Posters can follow a very classic 1 page format or consist of several pages (a mini presentation).

Here’s how the poster sessions will work. The whole conference (keynote presentations and poster sessions) will take place within the environment.
Have a look at the demo here

If you go to the poster session in the demo you will see what it looks like.

There will be around 260 posters which will be organised into thematic ‘rooms’.

When an avatar of an attendee gets close to a poster in a given ‘room’ the pdf of the posters will open up automatically. If the poster presenter is next to the poster he/she will be able to interact with the attendee via Zoom. Posters will be up for the entire conference. Each day, there will be a different poster session where 1/4 of the poster presenters (around 60 posters) will be asked to be by their poster to interact with other attendees that approach their poster and fancy a chat. In addition, within the environment there will be the possibility to invite other attendees (e.g. senior researchers in a given field) to visit their poster.

As for the teaser, this will also be available from the EEID2021 website (where all the posters will be listed together with their abstracts) and it will be yet another way to communicate about your work.